The Cafeteria

"You learn the hard way that saying yes to everything inevitably leads to poor results. You need to listen, you need talk, you need to explain and you need to negotiate. But first, stop and think. Don’t over promise."

The Cafeteria is a creative agency based in Sheffield. Founded in 2005 by Chris Woodhams and Catherine Carley.


"Rabbits are not Rodents... They are lagomorphs. Don't forget it."

DED are a nose to tail creative agency with a hard-earned reputation for being innovative, adaptable, influential and extremely effective. Established in 1991, DED are a start-up that have been around for nearly a quarter of a century, continually exploring the new, whilst asserting an uncompromising attention to detail.


"Always Follow The Plan!

We have all heard the following quotations mouthed at us during our endeavors:
1. The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.
2. Life happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.
3. Plans are nothing; planning is everything.

But - If you plan properly and always follow that plan, stuff gets done, for fuck sake! Doesn’t it?"

If we are to describe ourselves to you informally: There are four of us and we design, film and code stuff. If we are to describe ourselves to you formally:
1. We are an independent creative studio.
2. We practice design for print, filmmaking and design for web.


"This hand made, fluid ink piece depicts a strong mantra of the studio, that There Is No Weapon Sharper Than Will - meaning you can achieve anything you want to with the right mindset."

A UK Top 40 multi-disciplinary agency with clients such as Bosch, WIRED Magazine and MATTE FILMS.


"Define the process. Feed the process. Exploit the process."

Dust is a collective of designers and educators formed in Sheffield and now in New York, providing consultancy, design and development for art and life.


Tosh Uni Battles the April Fireman.
2 Colour Print – Digital and Screen Print on Somerset Hand finished edges.

Field is a strategic design agency. We create impactful work that informs, inspires and engages, with effective results. Our design encompasses print, branding, online and moving image for clients across the UK and beyond.

Field is a term used in many disciplines from technology to video and photography. Similarly, our multi-disciplinary team uses a unique combination of branding, online, print and moving image to find long-lasting solutions to thorny problems.

Education, Architecture, The Arts and Sport are just some of the fields we work in. And while we’re not the type of folk to shout about it, we find ways to surprise, delight and entertain with all of our commercial and private work.


"No journey is ever the same, but it’s the journey we get out of bed for every day."

Jaywing is an agency whose roots lie in Sheffield (we now have other offices spread about the country). We’re passionate about creating work that helps brands connect in a disconnected world. We are smart with technology, data and creativity. Behind all of that is one thing – the search for ideas.

Finding that elusive idea, the idea you know is the perfect answer to the brief, has always been challenging. Now more than ever, the hunt is more complex, and more daunting with more ground to cover. But the joy of the journey is more rewarding too.

And there’s never a better feeling when you’ve done it, when you’ve found than one idea that everyone else has overlooked. No journey is ever the same, but it’s the journey we get out of bed for every day.


"Shit, what was that idea I had last night?” Write It Down!

From Sumo to The Designers Republic to Kiosk to BBC Digital, David Bailey was once a 19 year old skateboarder without a care in the world.

Nick Deakin

"Designing can be a pretty intense process at times, particularly if you work by yourself, and don't have anyone immediate you can canvas fresh opinion with. It's very easy when working to a brief to become submerged in the idea and subject matter, hold it close and squeeze it all too tightly – Easy Lenny.  

'Let it go' alludes to the ability to remain equitable about what you're doing, or at least allowing moments to do that. It's not a part of you, it's not your child – it's paint on canvas, ink on paper, pixels on a screen. The cosmetic manifestation of an idea.

Both idea and it's tangible expression need space. Push it out onto a lake and walk around it, fly it high as a kite, set it free.

The style of this image was inspired by the safety instructions on a recent Ryanair flight."

Nick has been working commercially as an independent designer for over ten years, in that time producing work for clients including Coca-Cola, Shell, Orange, The New York Times, The Guardian, and exhibiting work worldwide. He is a lecturer in Graphic Design at the University of Huddersfield.

Side by Side

"We work in branding, mainly. We are not tilers.

We expand our skill set by trying lots of techniques. Although we now hate tiling.

We curated this exhibition to encourage experimentation – sometimes it's nice to design something without any limitations or reason. We like to mix an element of craft into projects we undertake. It keeps computers at a safe distance.

The most important thing we've learnt is to 'Just Do Good Shit’. If you do good shit, other good shit will follow. Commercial karma. JDGS has become a bit of an ethos, so we wanted to create something that will last longer than a piece of paper.

It seemed appropriate to utilise the age-old resilience of mosaic. Using, of course, bathroom tiles. I hope that one day someone unearths this plaque in a field and thinks 'What the fuck was this all about’."

Side by Side is a branding/design studio based in Sheffield. They create intelligent, crafted identities for forward-thinking companies. They are Dave, Oliver & Luke. Small in size, big in ideas.

We Are

Question everything isn’t simply a creative mantra. It’s also a valuable approach to life and business.

As agencies we all like to believe we’re different, but often we’re simply members of another herd. Question everything is a reminder not to be just another agency. It’s about retaining the childlike ability to be curious and to constantly ask ‘Why?’

The best agencies have always been black sheep. Groups of independently minded people who are prepared to ask the difficult questions, think for themselves and make their own decisions. Far from being destructive and disruptive, to question everything is also to be constructive. It reminds us to have the bravery to do things right, to be collaborative and inclusive. To have the strength to be ethical and respectful, and to expect respect in return.

In borrowing the visual language of the newsprint halftone our piece takes on an almost campaigning, political feel. Which is hardly surprising when it was conceived amidst the unthinking tribal voting behaviour of the General Election. Meanwhile, its deliberately disruptive approach to typography and colour introduces an element of uncertainty that questions accepted ways of doing things.